I have written a lot of programs under C/C++/VC++/Perl etc. Here are a few programs and their source codes. You may download the software and modify or use it for your own purposes. However I can give no warranty. The software have not been throughly tested and some are still in the development stage however I will update them as soon as I make any major changes.

If you need any clarification or wish to send any comments/bugs please mail me at ifern@poboxes.com.

Program Name Version Description
Huffman Based Compression 2.0 Used for encrypting/decrypting or compressing/decompressing binary files. Pretty fast implementation. Uses frequency based binary tree to calculate codes. This gives decent compression upto 50 %.
Code Table Optimisation Compression 1.0 Can compress/decompress text files using dynamic bit size encoding. This algorithm determines the bit size on the no. of symbols present in the file.
Lempel Ziv Welch Compression 1.0 Using dynamic vocabulary algorithm this algorithm is a fixed bit size generally 12 /13/14-bit symbols are encoded. This is pretty slow compared to the above two algorthims. It can compress binary files upto 30%
Vocabulary Tester 1.0 A good program to test your english vocabulary. It has a large collection of english words. A random generator algorithm ensures that there is little repetition of words. Good program to enhance your vocabulary
Foundation Classes 2.0 One of my most valued programming source code. This program is deveoped for DOS enviornment. It has classes for menu, text boxes, combo box, etc. Still in the developmen stage. This code still needs a lot of refining. Also it has an inefficient memory management. I have not documented this software but will soon do so.
Expansion Chamber Design 1.0 This software was designed for my college project. This is implemented in Visual C++. It can be used to design two-stage, three-stage, and four-stage diffuser expansion chamber.
Bloom Mill Design 1.0 This is very useful for third year mechanical/automobile students. It automatically calculates all dimensions of the bloom pass mill design for reduction of ingot size.
Gorilla 1.0 Simple game. The object is to smash the other gorilla with a ball before he does by entering the speed and angle of the ball. Its a turn based game.   Developed in VC++.