E-mail Providers

SoftHome.net is one of the best free email providers I have come accross. They provide an email space of about 30 MB. Infact it provides for both POP3 as well as webpage based e-mail access.

HotPOP.com is another good free email provider. It presently supports only POP3. However they plan to introduced Web based mail soon.

Cool Sites

Volition.com Well  if you wanna make some quick bucks with your PC here it is. This site contains links to some of the best sites that offer free stuf including sites that pay you for your opinion and many many more links.

BidOrBuy.com is really great. You can bid for your products online. The prices too seem very reasonable and there are lots of products to choose from.

Tech Stuff

AnandTech.com is the best  resource for information on computers. The product reviews are very nice and detailed. It's a very comprehesive guide to computing products.

Programming Links

Vijay Mukhi Online is a good resorce for programming references. Plenty of tutorials on variety of subjects makes it very intersiting.

IfTech.com is also a nice site for programming stuff. There are few tutorials however they are well presented

Guitar Links

Harmony-Central.com Lots of chords of guitar songs.


Freshmeat.net The best resource for Linux. Find all kinds of differnt files applications, binaries for Linux.