Well finally the site gets a new look. It seems like decades since I last upadated my website. I finally decided to rewrite the whole website. And hence decided to pack a lot more stuff into it. Also note that the url now is http://ifern.tripod.com 

I have now uploaded the programming section and included some of my self written programs with the source codes. These programs were written by me over a period of time.

Also enhanced is the online music section which is now completely cgi driven.Hence you can alphabetically list the song and hear the music while surfing. You will ofcourse need the midi plugin.

I haven't added anything more in the tips n tricks but will soon give you some tweaking guide. So be patient and keep visiting.

This site has been optimized for viewing at 800x600 resolution. Also it seems to be viewed better on Internet Explorer.


Created by: Ian Fernandes Jul 2000
Email: ifern@poboxes.com
Url: http://ifern.tripod.com